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Updated on | 14 August 2017

Thanks! You have shown interested to know about Pepeelika.com. Here are some things about Pepeelika.com that you might like to know. Pepeelika.com is going live from January 2016 with the objective of making everyday tasks easier through digital services which can be easily accessed through the internet. The corporate office of Pepeelika.com is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Eventually it will have separate headquarters in the seven divisions, enabling it to spread its network all over the country. An e-Business site, Pepeelika.com presents various categories of services and information. Everyone is welcome to join as a member to get information and services online as well. Business houses, corporate houses, even individuals can join us to work, sell and provide any kind services connecting digitally. We believe that people has the potentiality to work, to show his capability and performance. So why not start today with us. Pepeelika.com will assist on how to join its network.

Pepeelika.com´s Slogan " Join us, Get everything digitally."

The present state of globalization demands that we move ahead and join the global village and meet the pressing demands of digitization. With this in mind we have come up with Pepeelika.com a one stop solution, a new idea of digital paths for connecting people, community, and stakeholders. We seek to be a customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators and for that, we have come up with the slogan “Join Us, Get Everything Digitally”. We are continuing to put our experience and expertise to work in generating online informative service on daily lifestyles. Pepeelika.com encourages the broad use of computers, and embodies the modern philosophy of effective and convenient use of technology to assist in education, health, job placement and poverty reduction. The team of Pepeelika.com is motivated in realizing the dream of

Digital Bangladesh for a Greener World. Through our array of pages which include P’YELLOW PAGE, KRISHI BANGLA, HEALTH, and LIFESTYLE, we aim to provide full support to our customers, clients, service providers and partners through ONLINE daily essential P’SERVICE, TRAVEL & TOUR and LEARNING services. We are also inviting everyone to join us as a member to work, provide services through connecting with us digitally. This offer is open for all, from Business Houses to Corporate Houses to Self-Employed individuals. In Pepeelika.com, we approach each service as a team to ensure success in every action. We have carefully chosen our professional partners to help and provide customers and members with a full, well-rounded service.


We believe in going green in every aspect of life and we strive to provide a platform for the fulfillment of the daily necessities such as connecting with service providers, customers, employees, partners, communities, corporate houses etc. With the modern innovations at hand, we are inclined to bring about a change in the everyday life of common people through the availability of all type of products and services digitally. Whatever it takes, we will find a way to make it happen.


The stakeholders and the dedicated Pepeelika.com family is working every day to make the best quality of products and services available at hand. We also promise to provide trusted and realistic information regarding everything on our website. We will try to ensure that in our website, what you see is what you get.

  • Moral and Ethics Development.
  • To create a better environment to live and work in.
  • Set up IT clubs and Library to assist in learning or education for the public with the aim of aiding social education and spreading awareness.
  • To improve the farming and agri community to foster public health etc.

Any Organization / Corporate Houses / Institutions or Individual can join us. They will be appreciated and recognized for their contribution in Pepeelika.com.

Grant-In-Aid by ICT Division
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Reference # 56.00.0000.
Date: 18 Dec 2016
Year: 2016-17, 1st Round.
Adviser, Statutory Matter & Legal

Mommad Ruhan Miah FCS
Company Secretary, Transcom Group

TM Shakil Ahsan
Advocate Supreme Court of Bangladesh
AF Hassan Ariff & Associates

Partha Sharathi Ray
Advocate Supreme Court of Bangladesh
A1 Law Consultant Firm

Adviser, Media

Arifur Rahman Dolon
Editor, DhakaTimes24.com & Weekly Eisomay

Adviser, Business Development

Md. Rabiul Haque
Managing Director
RSRM Steel Structure Ltd.

Engr. Ahmed Faruqe Hasan
Executive Director
Classic Foils Ltd.
Magura Packaging Industries Ltd.

Adviser, Learning & Education

Prof. Dr. Kazi Shariful Alam
Treasurer, Ahsanullah University

Adviser, Lifestyle & Fashion

Limana Solaiman Mridha
Staff Reporter, News Reporting
The Independent

Adviser, Health & Fitness

Dr. M. B. Abdus Samad Azad
MBBS, D. Card, Cardiologiest
Zilla Hospital, Narshindi

Dr. Zohra Khatun
MBBS, M.Phil, Consultant Pathology
300 Bed Hospital, Narayangonj

Adviser, Agriculture And Agro

Mohammad Khabir Uddin Molla
Agriculturist & Seed Technologist
Manager, Keru & Company (BD) Ltd, BSFIC

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